Yoga with Hilary Totah

One on One classes with Hilary Totah

Individual classes can help:

  • People suffering from stress related conditions, who want some help in learning how to minimize their stress.
  • People recovering from illness or injury who may want some individual teaching to find postures that are particularly useful for their condition
  • People who want to practise some yoga and build confidence, before attending a class - either beginners or those who have had a break from yoga
  • People who would like to learn a yoga routine that they can practise at home, tailored to them individually

Some issues clients have come to a one to one session with:

Breathing problems

Shoulder pain

Lower backache



Help with bereavement

Hilary says: "I have had many years experience working individually with people in my shiatsu bodywork practise. My studies and my life practices have included macrobiotics, counselling, Chinese medicine and philosophy, anatomy and physiology, and meditation. I have spent many years studying many and varied health and fitness modalities all of which inform my work.'

In individual sessions I use restorative yoga, traditional hatha yoga postures and occasionally I may find some hands-on techniques appropriate. If you would like to talk to me about a session please call me on 01424 433645

Individual sessions are charged at £35 and are for an hour. Home visits may be charged extra for travel.