Yoga with Hilary Totah

Ongoing Yoga classes


Next Sunday morning yoga class August 13th

9.30am - 12noon

The Wellington Centre

The Wellington Centre’s beautiful airy yoga studio, overlooking the sea is an ideal venue for yoga. The studio's soft natural colours and lovely wooden floor provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Wellington centre is fully equipped with yoga mats, blocks etc.


Weekly classes

Some comments from students about Hilary's classes:

"Hilary puts people at ease and encourages them so they don't feel under pressure to get it right or feel embarassed when they can't do something"Julia

"Sometimes in Hilary's classes I feel about two inches taller. It's such a lovely feeling" Stephanie

"I like the way Hilary comes and adjusts me so that I know if I am doing the posture in the right way" Laura

"When you are being taught by Hilary you know that you are in the hands of someone not only with a life time's experience of yoga as a teacher and practitioner, but also of someone whose understanding of anatomy and physiology and grounding in shiatsu bodywork, brings a wealth of learning into each session" Helen


Scaravelli inspired yoga (some yoga experience needed)
9.30 - 11am

Please note: from May 9th the time will change to 10 - 11.30am

£45 for six class vouchers (valid for 12 weeks)

Drop in £9 per class

Call for availability 07885523862

Or email:

This is a longer and more intensive class, suitable for those with some yoga experience. You are invited to explore and connect to the body's natural rhythms and wisdom.  
Through discovering the relationship between gravity, breath and our core structure we can cultivate, strength, flexibility of movement and a loose spine. There will be time to allow the body to open and let go into the yoga postures.
The class will finish with a deeply relaxing lying down meditation



Gentle yoga class (suitable for beginners)
10.30 - 11.45    (please note new time) 

ongoing class

£39 for six class vouchers (valid for 12 weeks), £8 drop-in
Drop-in - £8 per class, please call 01424 433645

This class is aimed at people who want an easier, more gentle restorative class. Ideal for people over 50 who are not as flexible or fit as they once were, people who are recovering from illness or injury or people who have not done exercise for a while. We stretch into simple postures, which can be adapted to individual ability, focusing on the breath, inner awareness and postural alignment. We finish the class with a deeply relaxing lying down meditation. This class is suitable for beginners but please contact Hilary.

Friday (two classes)

General drop-in classes                                                                                   8 – 9am AND 9.30 - 10.30am
Ongoing, no need to book 

£39 for six class vouchers (valid for 12 weeks), £8 drop-in

General drop-in classes are open to all levels of ability. If you are a complete beginner please call Hilary before coming. We work with simple yoga postures, the breath and alignment, followed by a deeply relaxing lying down meditation. These morning classes are ideal for those who want to start the day with a spring in their step, feeling energised and refreshed after an hour of yoga.


Monthly Sunday morning class

This class is usually held on the second Sunday of each month

Next dates:
July 9th, August 13th, Sept 10th, Oct 8th

9.30am - 12noon
at The Wellington Centre, Hastings


Hilary brings over 35 years of yoga and bodywork teaching and her unique style to this once a month yoga class. The pace is unhurried so that we have time to explore the postures, allowing everybody to work within their own ability and range of movement.

If you haven't been to one of these classes before, this is a great class to immerse yourself in some yoga, with lots of time to let yourself go deeply into the practice.
Classes tend to develop as we go along but mostly we work with the breath, gravity and inner awareness; focusing on engaging the deep core muscles and working slowly into postures; undoing rather than striving.
This class is soft and strong, energising and powerful ending with a deeply relaxing lying down meditation. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning!


Cost: £18  (£10 deposit required on booking)

For all classes, call: 07885523862 for information and to book
or email: